Firsthand Cooperative

Working together, lending a hand

FIRSTHAND Cooperative is a fair trade coffee company located in the heart of Appalachia that is connecting mountain communities around the world.  We believe everyone, especially farmers, deserves a fair share of the profits from the global coffee trade. Inspired by the principles of the fair trade movement, we are committed to building a sharing economy by supplying coffees from cooperatives of small-scale growers abroad and supporting social enterprise development right here in our mountain home. 

Establish a Co-op Affiliate Group at your College


We proudly partner with local, national, and international organizations that work to promote and support food justice, youth activism, cooperative economies, and food sovereignty. 

 FIRSTHAND Co-op Affiliates contribute to the educational and cooperative development mission of our organization. By coordinating activities, events, and fundraisers on their campuses, Co-op Affiliates contribute to the growth of fair trade, promote sustainable development, practice economic solidarity, and exercise their democratic decision making power by  choosing which organizations they wish to  contribute to. 

If you are interested in working with us as a Co-op Affiliate,  get in touch at